Level 0: Excel Basics
Level 1: Basic Unlevered Calculation
Level 2: Unlevered and Levered Investment Property Analysis
Level 3: Multi-Property Analysis with Complex Amortization Schedules
Level 4: Advanced Property Analysis
Level 5: All-Inclusive Case Study



Excel basics: This is an optional level that walks the user through the basics of Excel. It includes a video that begins with Excel navigation (how to highlight, add/delete rows and columns, insert tabs, etc.) and teaches users simple formulas and basic Excel functions (IF statements, anchoring, table creation, VLookups, conditional formatting, etc.)



Basic Unlevered Calculation: At the end of this level, the user should feel comfortable with the basics of Excel, writing formulas, locking cells properly, and calculating the unlevered net present value (NPV) and internal rate of return (IRR).

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Unlevered and levered investment property analysis: Level 2 builds off of the previous level by calculating the levered NPV and IRR. Because these calculations include debt, the user will learn how a loan is amortized, how to calculate and integrate their amortization schedule into their cash flow model. By the end of this level, the user should be comfortable with calculating a levered NPV and IRR and understand the basics of an amortization table.

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Multi-property analysis with complex amortization schedules: This level teaches the user how to build more complex formulas while working through three different scenarios: a fully amortized loan, a partially amortized loan, and a partially amortized loan with an interest-only period. By the end of this level, the user should understand the different amortization schedules for different loan types and how to build complex formulas that can easily calculate the debt schedule and unlevered/levered returns of any situation simply by changing the assumptions.

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Advanced property analysis: Level 4 is the first case study that includes a rent roll that ties into the model. By the end of this level, the user should be able to write complex formulas in a more efficient manner.



All-inclusive case study: The final level provides a case study that will test the user's cumulative knowledge of the course. The user will build a model completely from scratch (no pre-filled headers or boxes) by utilizing the skills previously learned. By the end of this level, users should feel confident building commercial real estate models.

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Level 1 Clip
Level 2 Clip